KRU Training offers a diverse set of martial arts programs for Teens and Adults including separate class courses in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Grappling, Mixed Martial Arts and Self Defense.
If your goal is fitness, our coaches are motivating, educated & Fun. Try out a Bootcamp or Zumba fitness group classes or schedule a small group or Private session!
We are famous as the ORIGINAL and ONLY area school offering “Age Specific” Martial Arts classes for kids. See what makes us different by checking out our site!

"The Most Comprehensive Source for
Martial Arts & Fitness Curriculum & Consulting."

Welcome to KRU TRAINING SYSTEMS. For over a decade, we have been providing Resources for Business owners with TUrn key Curriculum, Marketing, Staff development programs, Teacher training, Back End Innovation, Online Webinars and Live Seminar training with unparalleled details on the market.

What makes our Program offerings different is that we have not only tested our success within our own research and development facilities, but have implemented with great success with staff and facilities of varying sizes to make sure it is "plug and Play". Not only are the programs completely solid, our support has shown to have no equal. Between our live training, online webinars, phone and email support and video exchange, we are confident that you will not find any other organization more caring to your needs than us. Every year we grow more benefits which get offered to our loyal #KRUNATION. Join us and receive these benefits today!